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A good pair of leggings can get you through a big workout or a long weekend in the mountains.They also work well when worn as tights with short skirts and dresses.And now is the best time to shop for a thicker pair to get you through these colder months.

There will be times when you get bored and times when you feel like giving up, because the results you were expecting are not forthcoming.For Any Age These days, women can wear miniskirts into their 40s and beyond, as opposed to the days when showing knee was only considered appropriate for much younger women.

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Below are three outfits that can give you some ideas, inspiration and additional tips on how to wear leggings to work in a way that is appropriate and professional.I love them, and stopped using all my cotton and nylon ("fake silk" underwear in favor of these leggings.As we all know, leggings are popular in women life because they are easy to match and show your slim fit.

The leggings have two seams down the back of each leg that create a nice, slimming silhouette and even a zipper up the back that keeps them firmly in place.

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One of the best long tops to wear with leggings is a long, slim sweater.They do have their critics, though, and like most clothing items.

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I have some boots that are larger and need a thick sock, so I wear hand knit wool socks with those.Look stylish even when the temperatures drop by accessorizing a fashion ensemble with a pair of thick leggings.The fact that leggings are footless gives them the advantage of staying fresh longer --- you can launder just the socks or the footlets.

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As a person who regularly wears leggings as pants, I think that the people who would antagonize me for it need to simply grow up.Leggings can be our best friends, when we want to wear short dresses, but we are hesitating.For different seasons, you need different style leggings, like thick leggings, thin leggings, cropped leggings, color leggings, leather leggings and so on.

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I am somewhat proud yet somewhat hesitant to admit that I own over 30 pairs.

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They have a wide elastic waistband and thick enough not to be see-through, but not so thick that they can only be worn in cold weather. 11. Buttery Smooth Graphic Leggings With Incredible Stretch.

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Lucy and Lululemon leggings are more like yoga pants that can double as leggings.It can be supremely annoying to restock the quintessential winter staple of basic black tights and leggings.I prefer to wear a wide lace or flat material without thick elastic or harsh edges.


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American Apparel has something called Winter Leggings, which are very thick.

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